24 April 2011

Party in the USA!

On the plane and heading home (well, this is a scheduled post- so let's hope it all works out!)

23 April 2011

No, Je ne regrette rien

This is an experience I had to try and an opportunity I had to take, otherwise always wondering 'what if?' I'm so thankful for everyone I've met along the way, and there are many that I will hold close to my heart.

Edith does it best:

03 April 2011

21 days!

Three more weeks until I'm home and I cannot wait! I'm certainly going to miss lemon tarts and some other french yummies, but I think I'm willing to trade them all for a freezer, friends, and the sun.

Counting down the days....

02 April 2011

Why I'm glad that I'm not moving to NYC

I don't feel the need for concrete jungle, expensive, dorm rooms. I'll take the sun and space instead.